Terlingua Images, Photo Gallery 2

1973 to 1978

Histiorical images from Terlingua and Lajitas

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Scroll down to view historical images of Terlingua, Lajitas 1971 to 1978. Long ago and far away.

Big Bend / Terlingua / Lajitas Images

Terlingua Creek

Terlingua Creek
Terlingua Creek, Terlingua Texas

Terlingua Big Bend Landscape

Big Bend National Park
Willow Mountain, Terlingua Ranch. This mountain belong to Paul Von. He purchased the mountain and 100 surrounding acres.
Big Bend National park
Big Bend National Park, Historical Ranch Site
Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park

Terlingua Texas
Bad lands of Terlingua.
In 1976 this was the area for the Enduro Riders.
January 11, 1976
Terlingua Enduro Race 1976