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1976 to 1978

Histiorical images from Terlingua and Lajitas

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Terlingua Chili Cook off 1976 - 1977

Article Terlingua Chilli Cook Off 1976

1976: Frank Tolbert, "head honcho" from Dallas announces winner World Chapion Chili Cook Albert Angor Acepts Prize

--- Paul Vonn, Terlingua Landowner very unhappy with event ---

TERL1NGUA (Staff) — Landowner Paul Vonn who holds the deed to the ghost town of Terlingua, said early today he recommends the "chili aficionados get themselves a new 'head honcho" so a chili cookoff for "the nice people" could take place next year. Selected 10 years ago as the Big Bend site of the annual madness. Terlingua has seen the last of the cookers, according to the self-styled mayor. Dallas attorney David Wilts. "No longer will I continue to promote this type of activity," Witts said. "Next year the cookoff will be in this area but will not be in Terlingua town because we have been turned around by the owners. This is an unstructured event and we cannot permit structure on an unstructured event." Vonn said. "1 think Frank Tolbert (columnist of the Dallas Morning News) needs to know something about running a chili cookoff." "Mr. Tolbert is not welcome at Terlingua ever again," Vonn exclaimed. "He did not even have the entertainment he promised. Everything that happened was impromptu, arranged by other people, and it went very slowly." The problems evidently cropped up because Vonn hired security guards to watch over the chili cooking and rampant imbibing. One judge said his sound engineer had been arrested Friday night for refusing to obey instructions from a security guard.

Vonn explained, "Tolbert climbed all over me because some of his cookers had been asked to donate money for parking." "They not only left a big mess," the landowner said, "they left a horrible mess," and the money collected for parking will not be enough to get it all cleaned up, he said. "They came here with greed in their hearts and we maintain this place with love in our heart because we live here all year long and we want to enjoy the beautiful land." "I told Tolbert to take his bums, drunks and vandals and don't come back," the 70-year-old Vonn exclaimed. He said the weekend was so "wild and hectic- that he "lost track of time." because so many persons "jumped on me so badly." Vonn explained that he and his wife were the butt of several "tirades" for calling in the law. They blamed the whole thing on us," he said, "and all we did is try to maintain law, order and peace." "Tolbert was really raising the devil Friday and Saturday," Vonn said. "He was bitter about the whole thing." Tolbert, who is renowned as one of the founders of the World Championship Chili Cookoff which began in Terlingua on an annual basis 10 years ago, was reported to have said, "This isn't a chili cookoff, it's a sheriff's convention. I don't know why he (Vorm) didn't call in the National Guard." Vonn said his reply to tat is "thank you. I hadn't thought of it." "If there is ever another chili cookoff in Terlingua," Vonn said. "It will be fully policed with lots of law and order — if ever we hold another one." Vonn reported that several chili contestants who were also there last year did not even get their chili tasted by a judge this year, so poorly was the weekend event organized. Vonn reiterated his advice that the "chili cookers gt-t a new 'head honcho' if they want to come back." He promised, "In the future it will be legitimate and properly managed and run with enough law and order." Vonn said he believes the near-300 lawmen at the weekend affair was "enough law and order."

1977 Cook Off Moves to Villa De La Mina

Arriba Terlingua Chili Cookoff at Villa De La Mina 1977

Chili Cook Off Moved to Villa De La Lima 1977

Villa De La Mina Arriba Teringua Chili Cookoff 01

Villa De La Mina Arriba Teringua Chili Cookoff 02

Villa De La Mina Arriba Teringua Chili Cookoff 03

Villa De La Mina Arriba Teringua Chili Cookoff 04

Villa De La Mina Arriba Teringua Chili Cookoff 05

Olga Jones Chili Bowls Terlingua Texas
Villa De La Mina Chili Cook Off

Olga and Trent Jones at Glenn Peppers Via De La Mina, Terlingua Texas selling Olga's hand made chili bowls.