Terlingua School, Photo Gallery

The Last One-Room Schoolhouse In Texas

1973 to 1978

Building a new Terlingua School House 1975

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Building a new school house...Below Olga, Anna, Trent and Ken Barns sitting on the adobe bricks that were made from the adobe mud of our playground.
After my second year of teaching and with a growing student enrollment it became quite evident to the school board and the community that we needed a new school house. The old school building was simply not adequate and was literally falling apart. With a major amount of community effort, many fund raising events and a mere budget of about $30,000 we were able to build a new one room school house. The bricks for the walls were made from the adobe mud on our playground. What an education it was for the students to watch the mud bricks being made from the earth just as it had been done for thousands of years. The wood for the roof came from tearing down an old building that was donated to the school by a neighboring county. The community came together to help mix the concrete and create the building slab. Workers from across the border, working for $20 a day, under the directions of a local contractor, Ken Barns built the building, installed the roof, windows and doors and rocked the outer walls with native limestone. Within less than a year this small community had done what seemed to be the impossible, we had created, from the earth a new school house. The most amazing thing about it was that it had an indoor bathroom and a kitchen.
Students in front of our new school house 1975-1976
Terlingua School Students
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Terlingua Teacher Trent Jones and wife Olga Jones
Terlingua Teacher Trent Jones and wife Olga Jones with Cassandra and Anna.

New Terlingua One Room School
New Terlingua School 1976
Terlingua Texas. Inside our new school house. 1975-1978
1976-1977 Terlingua School and teacher residence.
1976-1977 Terlingua School and teacher residence.

Terlingua School Pick Up time
It was not uncommon for students to ride in the back of pick up trucks.
Terlingua School 1975
Terlingua School form a distance

Terlingua School 1976
Inside the classroom at Terlingua School
Trent Jones and Family 1976
Anna, Trent, Cassandra and Olga in front of the new school house 1976