Terlingua / Rio Grande River Images, Photo Gallery

1973 to 1978

Rio Grande River Trips

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Rafting the Rio Grande, Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend National Park 1971-1978
When I took the job as Teacher of the Terlingua School my take home pay was about $490 a month. This was not enough to live on. So Glenn Pepper, a school board member and friend hired me to run river trips on the week-ends and holidays for $20.00 a day plus any tips I could earn. David Gaddis, then 18 years old, along with Glenn thought me the fine art of rafting down the river.
David Gaddis floating down Rio Grande River, Terlingua Texas
David Gaddis early 1970s

Rock Slide Big Bend National Park

Glenn Pepper Rio Grande River Terlingua
Floating down the river with Glenn Pepper and Students
Rock slide, Santa Elena Canyon
Glenn Pepper Rafting Trips
Glenn Pepper Rafting Trips 02
Trent Jones at the Rock Slide Santa Elena Canyon