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May, 9 1978 Good Morning America
Alipine Avalanche by Ray Minier
Terlingua School, Mark Shaw Good morning America 1978
A three man, one woman crew from ABC-TV's Good Morning America show descended upon this quiet little community today to film a segment for the show at Terlingua School.
Mark Shaw, Good Morning America, headed the team investigating the school and its unique situation. The segment, prompted by an article in the November 1977 issue of American Airline's "American Way" flight magazine, will compare one-room schools and the divided, graded schools in larger cities, will deal with the quality of education received in a one-room school, and will examine the feelings and problems of mothers who drive long, sometimes hard miles, to get their and other's children to school.
Mark Shaw filmed interviews with Mrs. Barbara Ellington, one mother ... to probe ... feelings about attending Terlingua School.